Have you heard about this Coronavirus thing the fake news mainstream media made up just because they hate Donald Trump? What a HOAX! But even if it wasn’t fake news and the Soros controlled media is telling the truth, this virus is no big deal, unless you’re part of the “vulnerable” population. So let’s take a look at some of those poor bastards.

NEVER FORGET!: Never forget that when racists says “Mainstream Media,” they mean “Jewish controlled media.

Let’s do some stupid math that looks at only a portion of the vulnerable. Keep in mind, I’m stupid and my math is probably going to be off, but I’ll do the best I can and supply the necessary caveats. For example, my numbers are not exact, so when in doubt, I round down. Ok, here we go:

There are 34,000,000 people with in the United States with diabetes. 28,000,000 of those diabetics are under 65. Every year, another 1,500,000 Americans are diagnosed with diabetes. But we’ll keep those poor souls out of the math for now.

There are more than 52,000,000 Americans over 65. In order not to double dip, we’ll subtract the 6,000,000 of those senior citizens who have diabetes. So we have to vulnerable group numbers:

34,000,000 people with diabetes * 48,000,000 senior citizens without diabetes = 82,000,000 people who are considered vulnerable and in greater danger of dying from the virus.

Imagine this line outside COSTCO and multiply that by 82!

The World Health Organization estimates the mortality rate at 3.4%. That rate is an average and would be higher for the vulnerable. But let’s assume the rate is a little high and call it a wash. In fact, because I like you, I’ll knock off an additional .4 percent.

3% of 82,000,000 = 2,460,000. That’s a big number. Time for some major caveats.

My stupid math assumes everyone with diabetes and everyone over 65 will contract the virus. They won’t. For example each year only 20% of the U.S. population gets the flu. So, if this virus at its worse only infects 20% of the population, then we can guesstimate that only 16,500,000 of diabetics and senior citizens will get infected, killing about 500,000.

There are over 80,000,000 American who are prediabetic. Does that make them vulnerable? I don’t know. I suspect the CDC doesn’t know either. There are also well over 10,000,000 who are immunecompromised, although some, or many of these may also be over 65 years of age. But worst case, that doubles the death count to 1,000,000. That’s too scary, so let’s assume prediabetic doesn’t make one vulnerable

The point of today’s post is to remind you that 500,000 is a big number. It may be worst case number, but it’s not a made up, media hype hoax number. It’s also to remind us that everything our government does right will decrease that number.

Finally, it should be a reminder that this will not be the last health crisis we face and when the next one comes, we will want a government that is prepared. We will want a president who will not contradict our scientists. We will want an administration who is on the same page with messaging. We will want a president who will view the problem as a health crisis and not a political crisis. One that will put a priority on the nation’s health over damage control.

That is what we should expect and we are entitled to, in a normal world.

Published by Adam Sifre

I'm a fifty something writer of fiction. That makes me over qualified to discuss politics.

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