Trump wants to invite Russia to the G7 next year. I mean, he really wants this to happen. Apparently, he got into a bit of a shouting match with our allies behind closed doors. No one is really sure why he wants this. His strange obsession with pleasing Putin makes no sense, if you don’t believe Russia helped him win an election or that he has a financial interest in helping Putin, or that he is being blackmailed by the Kremlin. 

Russia was kicked out of the G8 by the rest of the G7. It was not a unilateral Obama decision, as Trump states. That’s a lie. They weren’t kicked out because Obama “dropped the ball.” The were kicked out for invading and annexing Crimea from the Ukraine. And for shooting down a commercial airliner. Those are pretty good reasons to get kicked out of the big boy club. Somehow, our current president believes he can blame Obama for that. 

He blames Obama for being weak on Russia and in the same breath he advocates on Russia’s behalf. I want to repeat that in all caps.


I want to repeat that again, in bigger letters, but I won’t 

Anyway, Putin stole a country, blew up an airliner and lost his seat at the G8. Now Trump is demanding he be welcomed back despite that:

 1. We know they interfered in the 2016 election. We know because all our intelligence agencies, our military commanders have said so.

2. Russia is doing it again. 

3. Russia still occupies Crimea and remains subject to sanctions.  Let’s put aside Trump’s dementia for the moment. 

 I won’t play the “What if Obama” game. But what if Obama behaved this way? Or what if Obama woke up every morning and tweeted about the free press being the enemy of the people? We all know the GOP would be losing their shit, instead of swallowing their tongues.  If Obama, for instance, paid a white porn star hush money in violation of campaign finance law, the GOP would drag the first family out of the White House before breakfast.

 And if Obama had done any of the criminal acts that Trump has done, even one, I would not blame them for impeaching him. 

 But this blatant hypocrisy does not  explain why the GOP has chosen to commit suicide  by Trump, and it doesn’t explain  how we ended up with an uneducated criminal leading our country and using presidential powers purely for his family’s self interest.  

 Here is my explanation on how Trump’s election was self-induced suicide by the GOP.

 Republican politicians know their ideas are terrible and would only harm their own base. They never had any intention of reducing the size of government or addressing deficit spending, or gutting entitlement programs.  Because the truth is  voters love big government programs. They want universal health care. They want their Medicare and food stamps  etc. Republican voters want these “perks”  as much as the rest of the country does.  The GOP has not believed in it’s own agenda for years.  But, even though the people want all these programs, they want something even more – for politicians to deliver on their promises, even the bad ones. 

For years we have watched the GOP promise, promise, promise and never deliver, deliver, deliver.  They don’t deliver on the promise of small government, because they know the voters won’t stand for it. Small Government means no help with health insurance or getting food on the table if you can’t afford it.  The Republican party sells a dream of strong, independent frontier, bootstrap philosophy that sounds good on paper only.  

 This is not 1890, where there is a frontier and limitless opportunity for anyone with an ax and determination.  You need a lot more to make it in the 21st century and you will almost definitely need the government to help you get there.

 Still, the GOP voter sees their politicians making the same promises over and over and never actually implementing them (because they know the voters would hate it). Instead the party keeps promising a pipe dream and then breaking it’s word. 

 Republican voters got pissed. Even though they would be worse off if the GOP delivered on their promises of destroying entitlement programs etc., they voted for an idiot with a flamethrower that made shitty promises because they believed he was stupid enough to keep them.

Published by Adam Sifre

I'm a fifty something writer of fiction. That makes me over qualified to discuss politics.

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